Graduate Degree Assessment

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All master’s and doctoral degrees offered by Penn State are required to submit a degree assessment plan and assessment report to the Department of Learning Outcomes Assessment each year.

In the academic year, 2016-2017, the revised learning outcomes assessment process for academic year, 2016-2017 requires submission of a Degree Assessment Plan by December, 2016, and a Degree Assessment Report by June, 2017.

Basic Elements of a Graduate Degree Assessment Plan and Assessment Report

Instructions for Academic Year, 2016-2017

College or Campus Action Plan and Workshop

During August and September 2016, LOA staff will schedule meetings with all college and campus leadership to develop Action Plans for roll-out of the revised process. Action Plans will include development of custom workshops or presentations to college or campus directors of graduate study (other titles: program heads or program coordinators) during September or October, 2016.

For degrees accredited by professional accreditation bodies: As part of each college or campus Action Plan, leadership will work with LOA staff to review the most recent accreditation self-study report and professional accreditation criteria in order to identify whether Middle States accreditation criteria for degrees are met. LOA will also work with leadership to devise an appropriate degree assessment plan and annual assessment report so that there is no redundancy of accreditation reporting.

Assessment Plan and Report Templates

Revised degree assessment guidelines, templates and discipline domain examples have been posted to each college’s and campus’s BOX folders. Faculty will receive access to their college or campus BOX folder. If you have not received access, please contact

LOA Graduate Degree Rubric Library: To support graduate degree assessment, the LOA has posted a library of sample rubrics for the assessment of research papers, oral presentations, candidacy exams, or dissertations. Faculty can find the library in their college or campus BOX folders. (Rubrics are coherent set of criteria for students’ work that includes descriptions of levels of performance quality for each performance element.)

Submission to College or Campus BOX Folder

Faculty will submit their degree assessment plan to their college or campus BOX folder by December, 2016. Degree assessment reports are due to college and campus BOX folders by June, 2017.