Certificate Assessment

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All undergraduate and graduate certificates, including credit and non-credit, offered by Penn State are required to submit a certificate assessment plan and assessment report to the Department of Learning Outcomes Assessment periodically.

The revised learning outcomes assessment process for academic year, 2016-2017 requires submission of a Certificate Assessment Plan by December, 2016, and a Certificate Assessment Report by June, 2017.

Basic Elements of an Undergraduate or Graduate Certificate Assessment Plan and Assessment Report

Instructions for Academic Year, 2016-2017

College or Campus Action Plan

During August and September, 2016, LOA staff will schedule meetings with all college and campus leadership to develop Action Plans for roll-out of the revised process. Action Plans for certificates will include:

  • College or campus leadership will identify all undergraduate and graduate certificates that are overseen by the college or campus and faculty contact for each. Leadership will further identify certificates completed on residential campuses and those via World Campus.
  • Colleges and campuses will post the certificates list to their college or campus assessment BOX folder that will be provided by the LOA staff.
  • In Fall, 2016, LOA has instructed college or campus leadership to first develop certificate assessment plans for certificates completed via World Campus.
  • Faculty contacts for each certificate will work with their designated instructional designers for online learning to gather certificate objectives and certificate course information from college documents and World Campus course syllabi. This information will be needed for certificate assessment plans. (Instructions and deadlines for developing a certificate assessment plan and report are noted below.)
  • Residential certificate assessment plans will be developed in AY2017-2018.

Assessment Plan and Report Templates

Certificate assessment guidelines, templates and examples have been posted to each college’s and campus’s BOX folder. Faculty will receive access to their college or campus BOX folder. If you have not received access, please contact loa@psu.edu

Submission to College or Campus BOX Folder

Faculty will submit their certificate assessment plans to their college or campus BOX folder by December, 2016. Certificate assessment reports are due to college and campus BOX folders by June, 2017